Phillip McKay - Artist - Making life beautiful
Phillip McKay is a talented and qualified artist
and  is available for commissions.
Art works on this site are available for purchase POA
  • Fine Art 
      Phillip has a degree in Fine Art (Painting) and  has won various awards and commissions and is a  MONA Scholarship recipient.  Employ his unique talent to  create a piece of fine art  for your home or business.
  • Murals
   Think big and transform whole walls or rooms! Create a business that's modern , old world, warm and inviting or bright and funky. Add a feature wall to your living room or commission a design for your bedroom that's simple and sexy. Transform your child's room with a theme of their choosing.
  • Trompe LÓeil
    Deceive the eye with a vase and flowers or a landscape that doesnt exist. Create a world surreal to lose yourself in after a long days work.  
  • Special Effects
   Create illusions of grandeur - turn wood into stone or plaster into marble! Wood graining, marbling, stipple effects, airbrushing, rag rolling etc.   
  • Interior Design
   Choosing the right colours can be a difficult chore and can so easily go wrong.  Allow me to assist in asking the right questions and making the right choices.
  • Community Art
   Community development
  • Arts Education

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